August 5, 2019
This is the ideal time for having your chimneys cleaned and inspected. Also for having your stoves descaled and serviced . Call Nick 0879501001 Fully trained and certified.
August 5, 2019
This wonderful castle built in the 1700s near Clonfert in Co Galway, has been tastefully restored. There are currently 2 stoves installed and an open fire. I cleaned the chimneys and stoves and checked all for viability. I also offered advice on types of fuel and ventilation.
December 29, 2016
When called to clean the chimney and stove at my clients house in Mullingar, i once again came across my pet hate, rear flue exits, dangerously installed. My client took my advice to have it installed with flue off the top. This was a narrow chimney  breast, housing 2 flueways, one servicing the stove and [...]
My customer in Naas had the intelligence to realise that the so called professional fitter who installed his stove and flexi liner, wasnt all he was made out to be. When we inspected we found that the flexi flue was inserted upside down, a proper connection to stove outlet didnt exist. In actual fact he [...]
These images of a pile of soot is the result I achieved by spending the required time necessary to make sure the householder and her very young family in Tyrrellspass will be safe going forward. This chimney was supposed to have been cleaned 18 months ago by an unscrupulous untrained chimney sweep. These images do [...]
October 21, 2014
This external stack when opened today, produced a 100% liner collapse. Every liner from top to bottom was broken, completely blocking the flueway. I’m not a lover of external stacks, due to the difficulty in keeping them warm, but when it comes to repairing them at least everything can be accessed from outside with little [...]
We recently carried out the stove fitting of this Stanley Cara Inset Stove in Templeogue, Co. Dublin. To increase the efficiency of the stove output our client opted to reline and insulate the chimney also. The stove was installed into an existing fireplace with an existing  granite insert and hearth. You can see images of the stove fit below [...]
February 4, 2013
We recently fitted this stove for a lady who runs an animal shelter in Mullingar! This is the second time we have installed a stove for the heating of animals as opposed to the regular heating of humans! You might remember our stove installation about a year ago in the Dog Kennels in Meath.  This shelter was a bit different in [...]
The breeding season for Jackdaw’s is April – July. They only have one brood so if they lay early in April incubation takes 20 days. The nestlings then fledge at 32 – 33 days, so the first weeks of June would be when you would see the Juveniles. If you are unsure about whether breeding [...]

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