Wood Burning Stove Installation Mullingar-Heating Cats

We recently fitted this stove for a lady who runs an animal shelter in Mullingar! This is the second time we have installed a stove for the heating of animals as opposed to the regular heating of humans! You might remember our stove installation about a year ago in the Dog Kennels in Meath.  This shelter was a bit different in that it was a portacabin or mobile shelter and we had to take some extra measures to ensure that the stove fitting was in-keeping with building regulations. In order to keep the stove away from combustibles we installed metal plates to the walls behind the stove. The animals are now nice and cosy in their new shelter. To make things more interesting our client actually uses wood pellets as kitty litter and is now burning the spent litter in the stove! Economical or what?!


Here’s a couple of images of the stove installed.

Stove installed in animal shelter portacabin.

Stove installed in animal shelter portacabin.

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